"High quality original, excellent combination of color; imaginative abstract arrangement and design, elicits emotion/elation, flowing, clear vibrant brush strokes, a pleasure to look at and live with, fast reliable on-time shipping. Admire her other work also. Nice person." - Alan B, USA

"I have to tell you when I opened the painting', I started crying.  After the tears I smiled.  I took her to the frame shop yesterday & put her in the most beautiful frame. I am so proud of her." - Stacey M., USA

"These cards made my day! I purchased them to send for Eid. But now I want to keep them all. Excellent quality and artisanship. Will definitely shop again. Thank you." - Christine P., USA

"Stunning piece of art- I love it!!" - Lauren C., USA

"Love my picture that I bought from Amira.....it's in the hallway of my house and many people ask about it. Thanks again Amira."  - Melanie P., UAE

"I love the piece I bought! I saw it on the site and instantly fell in love! Thank you so much, Amira!" -Amanda R., USA

"It's a good start of my day to see his smiling face looking at me as I select my accessories." Emilie A., USA

"I fell in love at first sight!" - Sarah W., UAE