I miss the sun! :(

We've been in our apartment now for about 2 months and I'm already ready to move. It doesn't get that much natural sunlight seeing how our windows face other buildings and are small and only on one side of our flat. I feel like the regretful Ruby who wasn't more demanding or picky at first. I'm starting to wonder if our previous options were better. Our flat is fully serviced but what's the point if you feel like you're still in a hotel?

As a painter, natural sunlight is very important. If its not the right time of the day in our room I can't even think about painting something without dragging the easel to the little wedge of light coming from the only window pane facing a little bit of sky.

I never thought it would affect me this much but I think I'm ready to move. At least to another flat in the building with better location. Maybe we should've gone with Reem Island after all :/

Ugh 10 more months to go.

In the meantime I'll get back to building my website and try not to be so anxious about painting.

*Post update*

Yes, this update comes not even an hour later as I enjoy my morning chai. I do have a few possible adjustments I can make to help cope with the situation.

1) Get out as much as I can a few times a week. Going to the grocery store around the corner doesn't count, unfortunately. I need to have more meaningful interactions with people other than my husband on a regular basis here, or else, well, I'll feel how I feel now.

That's not hard to do considering the many meetup groups here hosted by the many expat women in Abu Dhabi. I'm looking forward to one today actually at the Hilton near the Corniche. I went last week and it was very relaxing and fun.

2) Get better lighting for my art studio. This shouldn't be hard to do. It will just take some effort on my end to research the best type of lights, how to install them, and then go purchase them inshAllah.

3) Indoor plants, indoor plants, indoor plants. It may seem unrelated, but indoor plants are very essential when living in closed spaces like this. I'm a bit worried though, I can't even keep my fruit from dying on the counter in two days on account of AD's ever-present Humidity Monster.

4) Be sure to take my Vitamin D. I know I'm not getting any now. I take large doses ever since I read a few books on the topic. Now, it's important that I keep my levels high more than ever. Not trying to get depressed in the United Arab Emirates!

5) Work on my spirit. How I feel about me. The thoughts I entertain. Over the years, I've been reading quite a bit on the topic of self-nurturing. Not just self-esteem, but how our thoughts affect us. I've learned that usually when I'm feeling down and out about external factors, it's my internal hard drive that's really screaming for help. I'm going to give myself a few more hugs, read a few more positive affirmations, and listen to another kumbayah podcast here.


Peace and Light (no seriously, more light),