oh my overnight oats!

so i know i'm super late to try this, but midway through the first week of Ramadan, I decided to make some overnight oats for suhoor (pre-dawn meal, aka the last food you're gonna see before nightfall). the first few days of fasting was tough for hubby and I .so, after a friend of mine posted a recipe on Facebook, i finally decided to give these things a try.

hunger pains gone! i kid you not. Fasting muslims out there, go grab you some oats, chia seeds, and almond milk, throw it in a jar and wait. okay it's not that simple, so sift through some recipes here.





all those fruits and creamy grains make breakfast so much better. I like to use a blend of coconut, flax seeds, and chia layered over organic oats and then the rest of the kit and caboodle above.

have you guys tried this yet?



images from buzzfeed & pinterest