The Big Leap: I'm Moving!

"Soft Shock" 28x28" mixed media on canvas,  Available

"Soft Shock" 28x28" mixed media on canvas, Available

So, it's happening.

After spending nearly 3 years in the UAE, I am officially relocating back to the Atlantic shores and returning back to my home of New Jersey, USA. My family is eagerly awaiting my. And I'm quietly tingling with joy at the chance to order art supplies from Dick Blick again, (ab)use Amazon Prime, watching basketball again, see my family year round, and so many other things that make home, home. My business is moving transcontinental and with all the changes, I thought I'd list at least a few certainties that you can count on in these upcoming months:

  1.  AN OPEN HOUSE: If you're in Abu Dhabi, I will be hosting a three-day open house to meet many of you in person and offer my available works one last time.  I can't wait to invite you to my home and meet many of you for the first time and also say a final goodbye to so many friends. The open house will happen sometime in April before the move. 
  2. NEW USA/CANADA SHIPPING: For my American and Canadian art lovers, guess what? You will soon be able to purchase all the prints and paintings you want and pay a fraction of the shipping price you normally pay from the UAE. This is makes me so happy because so many of you have let me know that you like my work but that I'm simply too far. Shipping a painting and paying $100-200 is pretty costly. My cheapest shipping from UAE to USA is about $35 and even that can feel like a lot for a print or small package. So, thank you all who have purchased already from North America. 
  3. REPRESENTATION IN UAE:  Obviously, the UAE has been my home and the catalyst for my art career, so I intend to keep working closely with the galleries and businesses that already represent my work. If down the road, you ever want to purchase a painting or print of mine, you can count on my framer at Silver Rock Framing Gallery. They will be the point of contact and have excellent customer service and expertise in fine art framing and packaging. You can also expect to find my work in other commercial locations in UAE (will be announcing more on this soon)!
"Memphis" 36x36" mixed media on canvas,  Available

"Memphis" 36x36" mixed media on canvas, Available

So, this post is basically to say that, although I am leaving, my art will always be in the UAE and I am so incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to say that. I have some of the best art collectors an artist could ask for, so if you ever want another gallery to view my work, you could probably pay them a visit to their homes, as many of them now have well over 10 original paintings each of mine on their walls! It is truly an honor to serve you, to continue to paint the colors of my heart and soul, and put them out into the world everyday.

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Lots of love guys,

Amira Rahim