New Release: Spring Abaya Originals!

I'm so happy to share these latest paintings. I shared them a few hours earlier on my newsletter first, and I couldn't wait to hit the publish button. These pieces are stunning, if I do say so myself. When I'm painting, I am truly in the zone. From the moment I decided to paint until the time the painting is complete, it's like I'm in a mental bubble. But once it's done, and I look at it again with fresh eyes days later, they sort of take on a life of their own.

Maybe it's like giving birth? They come through you but once it's out, you also rejoice at the beauty. Art is a gift. I love that they get to come through my two hands and my heart, but I don't own them. At least not forever. 

"Tribe" 30x48" mixed media on canvas,  View

"Tribe" 30x48" mixed media on canvas, View

"Golden Girls" 16x16",  View

"Golden Girls" 16x16", View

"Purple Glow" 16x16",  V  iew

"Purple Glow" 16x16", View

"Bedu in Blue" 12x16"  View

"Bedu in Blue" 12x16" View

Hope you enjoy viewing the new works. How do you view art? Is creativity something you channel or is it something you possess? Would love to keep this conversation going.