What Pillows and Tesla Have to Do With Your Art Business

Have you ever considered adding pillows, iPhone cases, and accessories to your online shop?


In a world of possibilities when it comes to manufacturing, many artists, myself included, take advantage of the many tools we have to produce the goods we want.

But few of us stop to think about the impact this actually makes on our revenue.



In my private mastermind, I just got super vulnerable and revealed my own personal revenue goals for 2018. Using Alexis's worksheet, I mapped out EXACTLY how much money my business needs to support my life and the level at which I want to serve.

This wouldn't have been so clear for me had I not done the exercises in Alexis Fedor's free training series Creator's Profit Plan.

 I decided to open a private mastermind to go through the material with my tribe, and also to hold myself accountable so that I actually DO the work.

You know.

The work we put off doing because we'd rather be painting.

But the thing is, without marketing, I can't deliver these gorgeous paintings to homes all over the world. I can't put a smile on someone's face without marketing. And I can't keep creating without marketing, also.

In my mastermind group this past Sunday, we realized that it really comes down to this:

Do you want to create an experience for your fans that feels like they walked into a Tesla dealership? Or are you running your art business like a used car salesman? 


Alexis and I just outlined the difference in this training video.

But it comes down in 6 days.

I'd love to have you be apart of my tribe as we do the inner work together!



P.S. When you sign up to join, you MUST include your name and email address so we can deliver all this goodness to you today! 

And if you're already in the training series, let me know how you're enjoying it so far!