Open House! April 20-22nd: What to Expect

Hey guys, I am back refreshed from a week in beautiful Bali. On my plane ride back to UAE, it hit me that I have exactly 2 weeks left in Abu Dhabi. Can I be completely honest with you? I'm a little scared. I have so many fears about the big move.

How will I adjust in the USA? Will I feel truly "at home"? What if no one in America buys my art? What if the buck stops here?

Indeed, so many people have asked me, "Are you sureeeee you want to move? Your art career is just starting to take off?" True, indeed.

But guys, if there's one thing I learned over these past few years is that, whenever you show up consistently and courageously as yourself doing what you love, the right people will find you. I have faith. I have anxieties, too, of course. But, this is chapter 2 (or 3, or 4, depending on how far you wanna go back). I'm still writing this story!

I will continue to mail work all over the world, and thanks to so many of you, we've mailed work to Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and more. I know we can rock out even further in the USA. But as a small farewell, I am hosting a 3-day Open House in my studio home on Reem Island. 

hazel amira rahim.jpg


I have so many original paintings from my archives. Everything from realistic oil paintings that I completed in my hotel apartment back in 2013, to my first time flirting with abstract art, up until my most recent work that you may have admired online, some of which the paint is drying as we speak. So, here's what you can expect!

  1. THE WORKS WILL BE DISCOUNTED ON A SLIDING SCALE: Wednesday it will be an automatic 20% off. Thursday, we will have 35% off. And by Friday, if there are any remaining pieces, you can make me an offer, because hey, do you know how hard it will be for me to get 20 large scale abstract paintings to America? Prices will be displayed and in dirhams for your convenience.
  2. H'ORDERVES WILL BE SERVED: I'm pulling out my fancy pants this week. And, I don't do fancy often. I want you to be comfortable and satiated, not just visually but also tummily (is that a word?). So come for a small bite and the art, of course.
  3. CREDIT CARD, PAYPAL, AND CASH PAYMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED: I've got all ends covered. If you've got the big bucks on your card, you can sit down at my table and checkout right there. No hassle.
  4. YOU CAN WALK OUT THE DOOR WITH YOUR NEW MASTERPIECE: All of the works will be ready for you to take on that day (with the exception of 2 or 3 newer pieces). That's exciting and also super convenient. I will also have some information for my framer on hand so you can get that baby framed and jazzing up your walls in no time.
  5. THIS ISN'T GOODBYE, BUT SEE YOU LATER: I'll be back. If not in a few years to live again, then at least for some events and hopefully if I'm ever asked to exhibit my work in UAE I will happily oblige. So please come out and support. I'm not dying. Although it feels like it haha.

Be there or be square:

April 20, 21, & 22nd - 11am-5pm each day

Reem Island, Gate Towers, Tower 3

Flat #3009 (Visitor Parking Out Front)


The Big Leap: I'm Moving!

"Soft Shock" 28x28" mixed media on canvas,  Available

"Soft Shock" 28x28" mixed media on canvas, Available

So, it's happening.

After spending nearly 3 years in the UAE, I am officially relocating back to the Atlantic shores and returning back to my home of New Jersey, USA. My family is eagerly awaiting my. And I'm quietly tingling with joy at the chance to order art supplies from Dick Blick again, (ab)use Amazon Prime, watching basketball again, see my family year round, and so many other things that make home, home. My business is moving transcontinental and with all the changes, I thought I'd list at least a few certainties that you can count on in these upcoming months:

  1.  AN OPEN HOUSE: If you're in Abu Dhabi, I will be hosting a three-day open house to meet many of you in person and offer my available works one last time.  I can't wait to invite you to my home and meet many of you for the first time and also say a final goodbye to so many friends. The open house will happen sometime in April before the move. 
  2. NEW USA/CANADA SHIPPING: For my American and Canadian art lovers, guess what? You will soon be able to purchase all the prints and paintings you want and pay a fraction of the shipping price you normally pay from the UAE. This is makes me so happy because so many of you have let me know that you like my work but that I'm simply too far. Shipping a painting and paying $100-200 is pretty costly. My cheapest shipping from UAE to USA is about $35 and even that can feel like a lot for a print or small package. So, thank you all who have purchased already from North America. 
  3. REPRESENTATION IN UAE:  Obviously, the UAE has been my home and the catalyst for my art career, so I intend to keep working closely with the galleries and businesses that already represent my work. If down the road, you ever want to purchase a painting or print of mine, you can count on my framer at Silver Rock Framing Gallery. They will be the point of contact and have excellent customer service and expertise in fine art framing and packaging. You can also expect to find my work in other commercial locations in UAE (will be announcing more on this soon)!
"Memphis" 36x36" mixed media on canvas,  Available

"Memphis" 36x36" mixed media on canvas, Available

So, this post is basically to say that, although I am leaving, my art will always be in the UAE and I am so incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to say that. I have some of the best art collectors an artist could ask for, so if you ever want another gallery to view my work, you could probably pay them a visit to their homes, as many of them now have well over 10 original paintings each of mine on their walls! It is truly an honor to serve you, to continue to paint the colors of my heart and soul, and put them out into the world everyday.

Please signup for my newsletter to receive word on the April Open House and more studio updates. I'm off to the next adventure come May 2016 inshallah. Wish me well!

Lots of love guys,

Amira Rahim

Check Out My Podcast Interview on The Learning Curve!

Hey guys!

I listen to podcast 99% of the time I'm in the studio. So today, it was quite a new experience listening to my own voice this time. Nicholla Henderson hosts "The Learning Curve" podcast which highlights women entrepreneurs and voices from the MENA region. The content is fabulous, and the guests are really empowering. I was so honored to be her next guest and really enjoyed the interview.

To listen, go on iTunes or listen to the link below:

This week's Podcast we speak with Artistpreneur and Abu Dhabi's lady of colour, Amira Rahim who has blazed a trail...

Posted by The Learning Curve on Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hope you enjoy! Thanks <3

Finding Inspiration in Oman

Back from Oman this weekend and I had the trip of a lifetime! A few weeks ago, I was asked by Zee Arts to join 9 other artists to represent the UAE in Oman for a cultural exchange. We were met with 10 Omani artists and our fantastic hosts Paragon Arts Community.

As you can see, I found much inspiration in this beautiful country. It was a feast for the eyes. The arabic lanterns, the souks, the people, and the amazing landscape. It was quite refreshing and I found it much needed as a refuge and break from the day to day grind in my studio.

On the last day of our trip, we participated in live painting at a mall in Muscat. We were joined by two great musicians and it proved to be a very conducive environment for painting.

Here is a video of what I ended up working on:

Back home, I completed the piece and it is now available on my website.

39 Signs You've Been Living In Abu Dhabi for Too Long

I've lived in Abu Dhabi now for 2 years. That's just enough time to realize all the things you love to hate and hate to love about a place. I feel blessed to call this place my home for the time being. And when I go back to the U.S. now to visit family, I'm shocked to realized how much I've changed. Here are "a few" things I've learned about living here that I wanted to share with you all. But, keep in mind, this is mostly my perspective as an American, a wife, and a female. Enjoy :)

39 (originally 25) Signs You've Been Living in Abu Dhabi for Too Long


  • You’re friends are jealous because you post beach pictures all year long.
  • You’ve looked up at least once because you thought someone was spitting on you, and then realized it was just the sky trying to rain.
  • You can’t get anything done between 1-4:30 because businesses close down for afternoon break.
  • You know that finding a parking space in most places is a gift from God and you wiggle in your seat when you find one. Or…you just do what the locals do and create your own.
  • You or someone you know drives a Land Cruiser or Nissan Patrol.
  • You no longer double take when you see a Corvette, Masserati, or Bently. But you will stop for Ferraris, Maclarens, Lambourginis, or a beautiful vintage piece.
  • You’ve gotten used to the creepy guys that stare at you like you’re from out of space.
  • You have an umbrella that serves no other purpose other than sun protection.
  • You’ve cancelled plans just because it was too hot outside and didn’t feel like being slapped in the face by the humidity.
  • You’ve ordered ridiculous things like toilet paper, a case of water, ice cream and more to be delivered to your doorstep and you’re not ashamed, even if the store is in your building.
  • You brunch, lunch, and coffee morning with the best of them, and always looking for the next restaurant to spend a leisure afternoon.
  • You know there’s no such thing as customer service here, and that no matter how many times someone says “Yes, Madammmmm,” in a sing-song tone, you still struggle to place an order, remedy a mishap, or file a complaint.
  • You’ve switched 5-6 lanes in moving traffic and didn’t feel like a complete douche.
  • You swear your family back home has never tasted a proper shawarma, falafel, baklava, or hummus.
  • You’ve gained at least 15-20 lbs (see the above) and have no idea how to drop it.
  • You’re constantly planning your next getaway, vacation, or exotic trip.
  • You know that hiring help is perfectly necessary, and wouldn’t dare live without your nanny, housekeeper, or live-in maid.
  • You say things like “Khalas” and “Inshallah” because no other phrase seems to express what you're feeling.
  • You know that most things are negotiable. Nothing happens on time. And "official" rules and regulations change regularly.
  • You give friends directions to your house by citing the nearest mall, landmark, or GPS coordinates because there are no real addresses here.
  • You’ve had so much things shipped to your home that you’re starting to feel like a cartel.
  • You go to Dubai for shopping, good food, and fun on a regular basis.


  • You’ve drank 14karat gold at Emirates Palace.
  • You know how to order in broken English when necessary (i.e. “same same”, “special full”, “big big one”, etc.)
  • You have friends from places you’ve never heard of until several years ago.
  • You look forward to cloudy days.
  • You own at least one expensive pair of shades and don’t sweat it because you wear them all year long.


  • You know that if you search hard enough, anything can be delivered to your door. Even Pinkberry.
  • You’ve ridden a camel, smoked shisha, got a henna tattoo, and attempted to belly dance at least once.
  • You expect everything to be open until midnight. And know that during Ramadan the city never sleeps.
  • You’ve had ongoing construction in every single neighborhood you’ve ever lived in. 
  • You’ve seen a sandstorm and said several prayers because you were sure this would be your last day on earth.
  • You live in a high rise apartment over-looking the city and you're not rich.


  • You’ve pulled up to a store or establishment in your car, placed the order, and then waited for the guy to bring it to your car door, like a boss!
  • You know to buy perfumes to take back home to your family and keep some for yourself.
  • You’ve made some of the best friends in your life and can’t imagine ever leaving!

What else would you add to this list?