Home Away From Home


20140219-133332.jpg I've been back in New Jersey for the past two weeks visiting family. The amount of snowfall here has left me pretty much home-bound and it's wonderful. Endless tea and talks with some of my favorite people--my siblings--and I've been getting a lot accomplished. Aside from my usual plans and checklist of errands to take care of, I've been working on things a little less tangible, like my peace of mind and quiet time. It's been a reflective period that Winter is good for.

While I am looking forward to sliding my feet into a new pair of sandals back in Abu Dhabi, I'm making the most of my time here and evaluating my personal and professional goals as an artist. I've been reading a handful of books on art including, "Steal Like an Artist," "Art&Fear", and "How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist," all of which I recommend. Side note: Austin Kleon is somewhat of a genius. Yea.

And in addition to all this, my dope little brother aka TheSkript, tech guru extraordinaire, helped me design a brand new website for my art that he is programming as well. Pretty amped about that because it looks amazing.

I'll be back in Abu Dhabi in less than 10 days, finally reunited with my hubby. Touch down, and try to resume life as normal, in the United Arab Emirates. Feeling pretty blessed for it all.