30 in 30: Day 10 Original Falcon Painting

original falcon painting on canvas by amira rahim Hey, y'all! Day 10 is the first of my falcon mini paintings. This guy was fun to paint. I love the claws and stance. It was different from my first falcon painting and really love how it turned out.   Hope you guys are having a good week!

30 in 30: Day 9 Abstract Figurative Painting

jumuah abstract painting by Amira Rahim Hey guys! Hope you had a great weekend. It's Sunday, which means back to work here in the Gulf. Friday was so much fun for me. I really took a day off which I don't usually do. I went to Jumuah prayer at a mosque in town, and then afterwards had lunch at Wafi Gourmet. The views of the Corniche and the weather was just magnificent. Afterward, I met with a good friend of mine who was hosting a friend of her own in town.

We did A LOT in a short amount of time, including visiting the Reflected Light exhibition on Manarat Al Saadiyat, drinking 24-karat gold cappuccinos at Emirates Palace, and a Moroccan bath! Have you guys ever tried this before? Anyway, it was a truly relaxing day with lots of firsts. I would love for all my future Fridays to be this breezy! Let's see if I can keep this up.

About the painting: It is abstract in nature, but you can make out elements of architecture, mosques and city in the foreground. The veiled women in abaya are added as a compositional element and complete the story. Reminiscent of Abu Dhabi life. To purchase, visit here.

Thanks for viewing!

30 in 30: Day 8 Abstract Portrait Painting

  "Not a Self Portrait" 12x12" on canvas panel

This painting happened by accident. Essentially, all good paintings do. I was struggling with a portrait of a woman and after several wipes, just decided to ruin it. Completely express what I was feeling. Defeat, frustration, exhaustion. When I finished, I realized I painted myself, in some roundabout way because by the end of it all, I captured exactly what I was feeling. If that's not art, I don't know what is haha

Here's to pressing on, right?

Good night xx

A Day in the Life: My Perfect Day

I've been thinking a lot about purpose and the direction I want to go in for the years ahead. One good exercise to try, is to write down your perfect day. Apparently, by visualizing what a perfect day would look like, you can tap into how to organize your life. After all, a life is but a series of days right? And since artists are a pretty unique set of people (we're kind of ADD, we don't like too much organization, or we do, we can be verrrrry introverted, making art and thinking about it can make us pretty neurotic), I decided to discover what my own day looks like.

Here it goes:

6 am. I'm a pretty early riser (When did that happen? I don't know.) But I usually wake up pretty early and do some spiritual exercises, breathe for a bit, and then grab some water or tea and head to work ->>>> STUDIO.

I love color. Stepping into my studio feels like I'm receiving a big color hug!
I love color. Stepping into my studio feels like I'm receiving a big color hug!

My studio is the other bedroom in the flat, so I have no commute. Beats my 2 hour commutes to and for NYC every day for my last job!

I like to paint very early in the morning. The light is just right. My energy is usually at its highest. And, so is my ability to take risks. I also find that working in the morning relives me of any anxiety in the day. It's like, whatever else happened that day, at least I got to paint. This also helps me manage my time as an artist because when I wake up, painting is usually the first thing on my mind. I can't wait to paint!

It gets messy. But, that's part of my process. I don't like to paint in the lines!
It gets messy. But, that's part of my process. I don't like to paint in the lines!

7 am. After some time in the studio, I take a break and usually prepare breakfast. 

8 am. After breakfast and a shower, I'm usually back in the studio. And this is where the real painting time begins. I put on some of my favorite podcasts (usually Artists Helping Artists and lately, The Abundant Artist Podcast) or some music and just zone out. My work, at its core, is about love, happiness, and our journeys to find it. So, I try to keep myself pretty happy and energized when I'm making my art. This means lots of dance breaks, warm tea close by, and a soothing incense or essential oil burning in the background.

1pm. By now, I'm probably too hungry to ignore. I love food! So if I'm not having lunch at home, I usually will try and meet a friend for lunch in Abu Dhabi. The nice thing about living here is the abundance of cafes and restaurants, as well as many women who also work from home or are housewives (gosh, I hate that word).

2 pm. After lunch, I'm usually at my laptop. I love connecting with people. Sharing. And social media. Fortunately, it goes hand in hand with my business, since most people find my art online. I spend time updating my website, taking photos of any new work, and sharing them via my social media platforms. I'm not that much of a blogger (did you notice? ha), but I do try and keep up with a post or two every once in a while.

I try to keep some plants or flowers in my home. It really adds life to the otherwise desert  terrain surrounding us.
I try to keep some plants or flowers in my home. It really adds life to the otherwise desert terrain surrounding us.

4 pm. What? 2 hours on Pinterest?! I then usually have some errands to run. Mailing any orders out, getting my prints, meeting new customers, working with my framer, are just some of the business tasks I deal with in a day. I frequently have people visit my studio, and since it's in my home, I try to be flexible with the time for this.

6pm. Dinner time. 

"Jumuah" is a 12x12" piece on canvas that I started yesterday morning.
"Jumuah" is a 12x12" piece on canvas that I started yesterday morning.

8 pm. I'm back to thinking about my art. If I can manage, I'll go back in the studio and pull together some work I started earlier. Or, I will post any new updates on Facebook, manage my Etsy shop, or just read an informative article or resource.

10 pm. Zzzz.

That's pretty much it. Obviously it doesn't always run that smoothly. Life comes up. Some days I spend more time on the computer and managing my business when a lot of orders or deadlines on commissions come up. But overall, my days are pretty much like the above. Not a whole lot of socializing, but I love it when I get to make time for friends. I also want to make more time for exercise in the future.

I guess from the above, I learned that at this stage of my life, art making is really the priority. I'm not too worried about getting into galleries, being famous, or anything like that. Nothing wrong with that though.  I'm just in a pretty intimate space in my practice and I'm lucky enough to have a market for the type of art I like to create.

I suppose in a few years, my days may look a lot differently. I'll probably spend more time on the marketing and sales side of my business as oppose to the creative output. I may be more social in the future, and offer classes and fun workshops with other artists. I would love to inspire others to create art and follow their bliss. For now, most of my connections are generated online and that's okay.

What would your perfect day look like?

Pink Pagoda Feature!

So, I was recently featured on The Pink Pagoda blog and you should check it out. Pretty awesome! Some of my favorite paintings are featured, including:

"Summer in Dubai" Mixed Media on A2 paper



Thank you Jennifer for the great post. Please check out more design and art over at The Pink Pagoda.