Apartment Hunting (Part 2)

It's official. The hubby and I have been living in a hotel for almost a month now. This means a few things, including my imminent visa-run to Oman this week, as well as the winding down of this in-between-cohabitation stage and transitioning into our first place! After viewing the new and attractive Reem Island apartments, we decided against the isolated paradise for our original choice at Vision Links.




Vision Links is sort of a diamond in the rough. The apartment buildings were finished literally four months ago, making us some of their first inhabitants. Though, it's tucked in between Muroor Road and Delma Road, in the heart of Abu Dhabi with no nice views or Corniche to stare at. However, the amenities are undeniable. For exactly our housing budget, a brand new, two bedroom, fully-furnished apartment with many necessary bonuses included.

So, inshaAllah inshaAllah, by the end of this month, I can finally put my clothes on hangers, buy pots, buy plants, and I'm hoping for a little kitty as well :P


Adventures Continue in Abu Dhabi

With my food poisoning and, hence, viral infection, at bay, I managed to get out yesterday for some fun in the sun. After meeting with a new acquaintance for brunch, I met up with my first expat friend from the meetup two weeks ago for a wild safari excursion. She brought another newlywed and exported lady (a very nice Brit), whom she met at yesterday's meetup. Turns out, we're soon to be neighbors as well (more deets on our apartment hunting soon).

Most of the official museums and safari tours were closed, in fact, so we settled for an afternoon of spontaneity. First stop: the Emirates Palace, followed by a trip to Abu Dhabi Heritage Village. It was an amazing time.