Check Out My Podcast Interview on The Learning Curve!

Hey guys!

I listen to podcast 99% of the time I'm in the studio. So today, it was quite a new experience listening to my own voice this time. Nicholla Henderson hosts "The Learning Curve" podcast which highlights women entrepreneurs and voices from the MENA region. The content is fabulous, and the guests are really empowering. I was so honored to be her next guest and really enjoyed the interview.

To listen, go on iTunes or listen to the link below:

This week's Podcast we speak with Artistpreneur and Abu Dhabi's lady of colour, Amira Rahim who has blazed a trail...

Posted by The Learning Curve on Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hope you enjoy! Thanks <3

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I've been on this minimalist kick for the past 48 hours. Partly because my back has been unsettled since I've been visiting family and in unfamiliar mattress territory, and decided to sleep on the carpeted floor. And, partly because I love me some black and white, neutral spaces with lots of sunlight. These pictures just took me away.

How do these images make you feel? Would you ever sleep on the floor? Eat on the floor? Live this minimal?

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