That Time When Suki Waterhouse Signed My Painting

Hey guys!

So, I have been keeping quiet for weeks now and I can finally share! A few months ago, I was commissioned by Anasya Media company to create a painting for a VIP movie screening in London, UK. The event took place on June 15th and was a massive success.

I ended up creating a massive 4ft x 4ft painting as their updated advert and statement piece. I also created some artwork that served as additional decor for the event. Some of the big names in attendance included Suki Waterhouse, the UAE ambassador in London Abdulrahman Ghanem, Almutaiwee, Sheikh Shakhbout Bin Nahyan, and Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak himself. I guess you never know where your art will take you! Here is a look at the exciting debut:

Dr. Katherine Hennessy

Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak

Suki Waterhouse in attendance

Suki Waterhouse signing her autograph

I am having a really exciting time meeting new faces and saying yes to new opportunities in Abu Dhabi and beyond. Besides this, I am preparing for two events during this Ramadan as well as an exhibition in California this summer that I will be announcing shortly.

In the meantime, I am still busy in the studio doing what I love most: painting!  Here's some of the latest pieces off the easel:

 "Sisterly Love" mixed media, 24x24" canvas, Info